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Kenya Has Launched Second Level Domain Name .ke (dot Ke)

On the 23rd of July, the Kenyan Domain Registry KeNIC launched the second level domain(SLD) .ke. The launch of the SLD comes after the successful utilization of the third level domain name The launch of the SLD is unique in that, it will be the first time that trade mark owners will get priority in registering their trade mark as a Kenyan domain name before the registration is opened up to the public.

The procedure for registration is similar to the .africa domain name launched earlier this year.

The .ke domain name registration will be rolled out in 4 phases

In order to register a .ke extension during the sunrise period, trade mark owners will have to have a copy of their valid trade mark certificate (from any jurisdiction) certified by a lawyer with good standing with the Law Society of Kenya.

The certified copy of the trade mark certificate will then need to be submitted to their ISP or Domain Registrar who will make the application on their behalf with KeNIC. The applications will then be assessed by KeNIC and the Registrars will be notified of the approved applications during the cooling off period. Approved domains will go live after the cooling off period.

Institutions such as universities, colleges and schools will be the only entities allowed to submit applications in the Sunrise period without having to submit trade mark certificates. They will however be required to submit a copy of their certificate from the Ministry of Education.

We suggest that businesses operating in Kenya should consider this extension as a valuable addition to their domain name portfolio.

If you are interested in obtaining a .ke extension for your brand please contact Rouse Africa

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