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Rouse Africa Attends 40th ARIPO Administrative Council Meeting in Harare Zimbabwe.

Rouse Africa's Gunther Roland and Claire Brown will be in Harare, Zimbabwe to attend the 40th session of the ARIPO Administrative Council meeting from 5-7 December.

ARIPO’s Administrative Council session brings together heads and representatives of the organisation’s 19 member state IP offices. The administrative council session is held annually and is responsible for recommending policies to the Council of Ministers (Ministers from member states who approve recommendations) and reviewing the implementation of those policies by the ARIPO Secretariat.

This years session is aimed at discussing numerous issues, ranging from the organization’s financial position and budget, as well as new proposals to amend existing protocols and implement new ones.

On 8-9 December a WIPO-ARIPO conference follows which looks at creating a conducive environment for Innovation, initiatives to promote innovation as well as the links between intellectual property and innovation.

The 40th Council Meeting as well as the WIPO ARIPO Conference coincides with ARIPO’s 40th Anniversary and Inauguration of the extension of the ARIPO Headquarters’ Building. The ceremony will be held on 9 December 2016.

A report with regard to the council meeting and WIPO-ARIPO conference will follow.

For more information on ARIPO kindly contact Claire Brown

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