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OAPI Makes Moves to Implement Singapore Treaty.

On 19 October 2016 a meeting was held between the executive management of the OAPI Registry and its registered agents. The meeting dealt with the actions the Registry plans to take to properly implement the treaties administered by WIPO with the focus at the moment being the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trade Marks (STLT).

The STLT simplifies and harmonizes the administrative procedures of the Contracting Parties for the filing of national or regional trade and service mark applications. It consists of 32 Articles, 10 Rules and 12 Model International Forms. Implementing the STLT will mean that OAPI will have to restructure its registry as well as harmonise its legislation with the other treaties it has ratified.

Some of the issues OAPI will have to consider include:

  • Protection of sound marks

  • Inclusion of goods and services in one application

  • Opposition procedures against a design application

  • Opposition procedures against a patent application

  • Online publication of trade marks

  • A three month opposition period from the date of publication of trade marks in the OAPI journal

  • Establishing a court of justice to harmonise all member states legislation

Other aspects that OAPI will also need to look at are:

  • Simplifying procedures and improving query response times

  • Faster turnaround times for the allocation of a trade mark application number

  • Digital format of application forms.

We will keep you informed of further developments as and when they occur.

For more information on OAPI kindly contact Claire Brown

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