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Ghana IP Registry Closed Due to Strike Action (update)

The Ghana Intellectual Property Registry staff as members of the Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSSAG) began a nationwide strike on 27th of July 2016 following the government’s failure to pay CLOSSG members interim premium (a monetary incentive paid to attract and retain critical skills in short supply). CLOSSAG has over 50,000 members working at various ministries and local assemblies

Due to the current strike action we have been informed that the IP registry will not be conducting any business until the strike action is called off by CLOSSAG. CLOSSAG is said to be meeting with the relevant authorities on Wednesday 3rd of August and a successful outcome will ensure that that the registry will be up and running by the end of the week.

Rouse Africa is following the matter and will report on any updates received.

Update* The Registry has been opened and is working at its full capacity.

For more information on protecting your IP in Ghana, Kindly contact Rouse Africa

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