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Nigerian IP Unit Registrar Recalled

On Tuesday, 21 June 2016, Mrs Adebola Adegoke was appointed by the Federal Ministry of Justice of Nigeria as the head the Commercial Law Department, a department under the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

As head of the commercial law department Mrs Adegoke was by default in charge of the Trade mark, Patent and Design registries as they are a unit under the Commercial Law Department.

As new Director of the Commercial Law Department, Mrs Adegoke began to make the necessary arrangements towards taking on the position of the Registrar of the IP unit, a move that was met with resistance by staff and stakeholders of the various IP registries. In a bid to resolve the conflict, the appointing authority (the Ministry of Justice) recalled Mrs Adegoke appointment as Director and are making further consultations on the matter. The current acting Registrar, Williams Amuga will continue with his duties until the matter is resolved.

The leadership of the Nigerian registry has been unstable for some time with the Intellectual Property Unit going through 4 registrars in 5 years.

In an effort to bring a lasting solution to the leadership crisis in the registry, the Intellectual Property Lawyers Association of Nigeria (IPLAN) have intervened in the matter of Mrs Adegoke appointment and it is our hope that their intervention will yield positive results.

For more information kindly contact Carole Theuri

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