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Libyan Trade Mark Office Sets December 31st Deadline For Late Renewal of Trade Marks.

Rouse Africa has become aware of an informal, verbal notice that appears to have been released by the Libyan Trade Marks Office (LTMO) relating to late renewal applications. According to reports, the LTMO has set a deadline of 31 December 2015 for trade mark proprietors or applicants to file renewal applications in respect of trade mark registrations or pending applications that have lapsed, irrespective of the date of such lapse. It will reportedly also be necessary for applicants for trade marks that have been published to pay the outstanding registration fees before the deadline so that the outstanding registration certificates can be issued. If this is not done, all lapsed trade marks will be treated as cancelled.

Although there is no written confirmation of such a notification available and some sources deny the accuracy thereof, we encourage all our clients to review their trade mark portfolios and to submit any late renewal applications and/or registration fees for pending applications in Libya before the stated deadline to ensure that their rights are not lost should the reports prove to be true.

For more infromation contact Adre Greeff

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