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ARIPO by numbers

With the release of the 2014 ARIPO Annual Report we see the number of Patent and Trademark filings not just increasing, but doubling over the last four years. These figures climb from 424 filings in 2010, to an impressive 835 filings in 2014. This also marks a 20.7% growth from the previous year.

According to the International Patent Classification (IPC), the most applications were filed by the US which had 24.6% of the 2014 patent lodgements, China with 13.1% and Germany 6.9%.

ARIPO office granted 255 patents in 2014, originating mainly from the United States.

Patent grants made on applications channelled through the Patent Cooperation Treaty route, accounted for 94.9% of the grants made in 2014.

ARIPO has seen a steep increase in registered designs over the last year, ending on 221 registered industrial designs and originating mainly from the Republic of Korea, accounting for 29.7% of applications. To crush numbers even further, trademarks have climbed from 181 registered in 2010, to a new level of 362 in 2014.

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