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Libyan Trade Marks Office Resumes Issuing Registration Certificates

After more than 4 years of civil war and accompanying legal uncertainty, we are happy to report that the Libyan Trademarks Office (TMO) has started issuing registration certificates again.

The instability began when the first civil war broke out in February 2011, resulting in the closure of the TMO. In 2012, the TMO started issuing registration certificates which were initially kept on file, but which were distributed to applicants from August 2012. In early 2013, it appeared that operations have resumed fully, as the TMO started accepting applications and even published an Official Gazette. However, late 2014 brought about another closure of the TMO due to an increase in the civil unrest and a takeover by Libyan militia.

Considering this long history of unrest and uncertainty, the resuming of operations and the issuing of registration certificates is a most welcome development and we hope that our clients will be able to enjoy full trade mark protection in Libya shortly.

For more information, please contact Adré Greeff.

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