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A "Bright" spot in the fight against counterfeit drugs in Africa

Founded in 2007 by Ghanaian entrepreneur, Bright Simons, MPedigree Network (MPedigree) was set-up to provide consumers with the peace of mind that the medication they had bought was the genuine article. In a continent where 100,000 deaths have been attributed to counterfeit drugs it has become very important, very quickly.

"GoldKeys", which is the name of the system that MPedigree developed, provides drugs manufacturers with a unique 12 digit code which can be used to label individual packs of medication. A buyer can then authenticate this code with MPedigree.

Following its initial success, the use of GoldKeys has expanded and are now being used to test the authenticity of other products known to be a favourite of counterfeiters e.g. cosmetics and recently announced a move into textiles too.

For more information, please contact Nick Redfearn.

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