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June - August 2015 IP Registration Figures, Kenya

In the last 3 months the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) published the June, July and August Industrial Property Journals setting out the various IP registrations received and registered along with amendments, notices of applications and registrations being expunged from the register. The journal is published monthly and sets out all registrations that have been granted up until the 20th day of the calendar month, wherafter the journal entries are closed. The journals are published on the KIPI website, with physical copies available for sale. Below is a summary of the various IP registrations over the last 3 months.

Considering the 3rd quarter figures against the most recent available statistics (WIPO database updated Dec 2014) where 181 Patents, 3,085 Trade

marks and 80 Industrial applications were registered in 2013. And, taking a quarterly average of 45 Patents, 771 Trade marks 20 Industrial Designs registered, there is a clear increase in IP filings in 2015 continuing the upward trend as seen in the graph below.

Factors that may have contributed to this increase aside from an upsurge of local registration is the rise of ARIPO Patents granted and Madrid applications accepted. Moreover with a simple and straight forward process for registration of trademarks with the average trademark taking 4-8 weeks from application to publishing. The figures tell the story of local and international investor confidence in the services being rendered by the Kenya Industrial Property Institute.

For more information, please contact Carole Theuri.


[1] These figures were compiled manually from KIPI journals and may be subject to slight errors.

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